Training weapons

Most iaido students use one of the two standard training weapons.

A Bokuto, sometimes referred to as a Bokken. This is a wooden sword, usually made of Japanese white oak and similar in basic shape to the traditional Japanese Katana, or...

An Iaito. This is a metal practise sword designed to be similar in weight and balance to the feel of a real blade.


The training uniform consists of a gi (jacket), a hakama (a Japanese garment similar to wide pleated trousers) and an obi (a long wide belt used to support the sword). Beginners can train in loose sports clothing though are recommended to obtain the correct uniform as soon as possible.

Both the gi and hakama come in a wide range of styles and colours. Kendo versions are usually indigo blue and iaido versions black.

The obi we use is different to that used in other martial arts such as karate or judo. In our case the obi is 3 to 4.5 metres long and 10 cm wide. A range of colours and materials are available and they do not indicate any rank or status as they might in other arts.

Where to buy equipment

Training uniforms are available from the Club. We can also provide advice on what to buy and what size and styles are appropriate.

There are also a number of suppliers on our links page, though you should seek advice from the Club before buying equipment that you will be using at Tojinkai.