What is Jodo?

Jodo or the way of the short staff is a traditional Japanese martial art using the Jo, a 4 foot wooden staff, to combat an opponent generally with a sword. Because of its variable fighting distance, speed and variety of striking edges (unlike the single point of a sword) it is a formidable weapon.

Seitei Jodo

The Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei condensed the extensive system of Jo techniques into 12 Kihon, or basic techniques, and 12 Seitei Kata, or standard pre-arranged forms, which introduce the basic principles of Jo handling and application and for use as a basis for grading and competition. Jodo training involves the study of these Kihon and Kata, beginning with practice of the basics and training to the point where students are able to practice in pairs.

By appearance, Jodo seems deceptively simple to master, however, training provides the realisation that the practitioner is kept away from the sword's cutting edge by only fractions of an inch. As training intensifies, Jodo develops exceptional timing and the absolute concentration in the student.

Jodo Pic

The "Way of the short staff" is arguably one of the most challenging martial disciplines to ever emerge from Japan